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Rheumatoid Arthritis

"Each time I see you I feel better than the time before. Never has seeing a health-care practitioner been so beneficial in such a relatively short time....Thank-you"
- S. Adams

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"I feel wonderful thanks to you. I appreciate everything you've done for me. Life is good."
- L. Hastings

Severe Stress

"I am very thankful to have been led to your healing ways. Because of you I am able to maintain a sense of consistency in this stress filled existence of mine."
- D. Alessio

Skin Disease

"What a dermatologist couldn't do in 2 years...Dr. Mosher clear up my chronic skin condition in 5 weeks."
- D. Young

Tension and Chronic Fatigue

"It was like having 5 massages from 1 treatment with Dr. Mosher."
- A. Johnson

Chronic Sinus Infections - Age 3

"Tim's doing well...we are truly thankful to you for his health and our "sleepful" nights."
- K & L Schwartz

Back Pain

"I owe my recovery to you!! You can do miracles!...I'm doing great and back to work full time. Your expertise and kindness is very appreciated!"
- S. Abdalla

Low Back Pain and Fatigue

"Thanks for all your wonderful care. I am doing very well these days. Energy back and no pain!"
- R. Masiero

Irritable Bowel Disease

"A book [gift] is small recompense for more years of life. I hope it conveys how appreciative I am of your caring attention and wisdom."
- L. Gibb

Knee Pain

"I had chronic knee pain for years and after one laser treatment from Dr. Mosher it was gone. Have since ran two marathons and training for the third. Thank you!!"
-S. Warner

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