Complementary Medicine for Insomnia Can Make Sleep Easier without Side Effects

A man with insomnia rubs in between his eyes due to sleep deprivation Complementary medicine for insomnia at our Escondido, CA, practice can generate long-lasting results and eliminate all the side-effects of synthetic sleep aids. Dr. Bret Mosher is a nationally renowned figure in the field of natural medicine. He can assess your situation and recommend proven treatment options based on your needs and sleep schedule.

Understanding Insomnia

Insomnia is defined as a sleep disorder that makes it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep at least three nights a week. Sleep serves an important purpose in the body’s natural cycle. Without movement or other energy-heavy processes, the systems in the body get a chance to rebuild energy stores and repair damage incurred during the day. Furthermore, sleep is built into our internal clock. If sleep patterns are disrupted, it throws all of the other systems off-kilter, as well.

Consequently, insomnia can have a cascading effect on every system in the body. The nervous system works more slowly, the circulatory system is less efficient, and healing is severely impacted. Unsurprisingly, most people feel much worse, as well – feelings that can contribute to increased irritability, mood swings, and impaired decision-making.

Treatment Options

While there is no cure, insomnia is a treatable condition. Dr. Mosher takes a holistic, complementary approach, providing treatments which minimize the potential side effects of medications and offer long-lasting results. Because there are many factors that play a role in sleep and insomnia, there are multiple options for treatment, as well. The best option for you will depend on the specifics of your case but may include:

  • Nutritional guidance: How your body metabolizes different types of food can have a significant impact on sleep. Caffeine is one of the best-known dietary culprits of insomnia, though others exist. Patients can undermine the effects of these substances by removing them from their diet, as well as introducing foods or supplements that naturally enhance or induce sleep.
  • Acupuncture: A number of studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can improve sleep quality by stimulating the body’s natural healing process.
  • Guided meditation: Increased muscle tension and intrusive thoughts at night can make falling and staying asleep all the more difficult. Meditation can help relax the muscles and quiet the mind substantially, though it can take several weeks to learn the technique well enough for it to affect sleep patterns.

Dr. Mosher takes a holistic, complementary approach, providing treatments which minimize the potential side effects of medications and offer long-lasting results.

  • Herbal remedies and supplements: Because of the potential interaction with other medication, herbal remedies are not usually a first line treatment for insomnia. However, like other parts of your diet, herbs can have an impact on how well you sleep. It is particularly important to discuss these types of treatments with your doctor.
  • Exercise routines: Like meditation, regular exercise can reduce muscle tension considerably as well as decrease excess energy. Many studies have demonstrated that both high and low impact exercises can deepen sleep in young adults (with or without sleep disorders) and older patients. However, it is recommended that any exercise be completed at least three to four hours before sleep to ensure that adrenaline or other hormones associated with alertness are out of your system.

By its definition, complementary medicine is meant to be taken along with conventional medical treatment. One should not interfere with the other. Consequently, it is important that you discuss any potential care with your doctor before beginning any complementary medicine regimen to make sure that the interaction between treatments does not put you at risk.

Achieve Deeper, Better Sleep

At Mosher Health, our mission is to provide you with the information and tools you need for optimal health. If you struggle with insomnia, reach out to our office to set up an appointment and discuss your options with Dr. Mosher. 

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