Selecting a Complementary Health Practitioner

A patient undergoing natural medicine therapyA growing number of patients are exploring complementary and alternative medicine to achieve good health and lasting wellness. Also called functional medicine, this approach to healthcare focuses on total wellness, balance of internal systems, and a sense of harmony in the body and mind. The criteria for selecting a complementary health practitioner are similar to considerations for a conventional medical provider. Poway practitioner Dr. Bret Mosher is a state-licensed acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine with nearly forty years of experience in the field of natural medicine. A highly capable provider, Dr. Mosher works closely with patients to diagnose and resolve the source of their medical symptoms. To learn more, contact our practice to schedule a consultation today.

A Functional Perspective

Unlike the traditional Western medical model, which focuses on disease, complementary medicine focuses on function. Treatments stress the ability of the body to correct issues on its own using natural remedies, versus more invasive therapies and synthetic compounds. Acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, and advanced clinical nutrition are some examples of complementary medicine.

It is important to keep in mind the functional model does not oppose conventional treatments. Rather, it offers alternative or complementary treatments that can be very effective. Often, patients who choose complementary therapies are seeking to overcome the shortcomings of conventional medicine, as well as the high cost and limitations of synthetic drugs. Many patients are also attracted to the idea of treating the whole body, instead of just the symptoms of disease.

Dr. Mosher’s Approach

Dr. Mosher is a natural medicine practitioner who distinguishes himself with his deep knowledge of chemistry and human anatomy. He takes a highly individualized approach to treatment by integrating the most relevant and advanced elements of conventional medicine and technology with natural healing modalities. His goal is to lead the patient to optimal whole-body health and to involve and educate patients in their own healing and continued well-being. Dr. Mosher’s entire approach is underscored by the importance of proactively identifying patterns of disease before they show up.

A key aspect of Dr. Mosher’s approach is first to identify whether he can help the patient, and to offer some options on how to proceed. Relying more on pattern recognition than testing, Dr. Mosher can often get to the source of the problem by discussing the patient’s history, habits, and lifestyle. He is adept at asking better questions in order to get better answers that will help the patient accordingly. His evaluation also includes a thorough physical exam and a number of in-office assessments. Depending on the patient, genetic testing may also be used to help determine treatment protocols.

Risks and Benefits of Choosing Complementary Healthcare

The greatest risk of alternative healthcare is avoiding any needed conventional treatments. Dr. Mosher will never recommend forgoing a therapy that you require. He will ask you about therapies you are currently receiving, especially any drugs that you are taking, to tailor his approach and avoid any harmful interactions. It is extremely important for patients to be open with all of their providers that are giving them advice or treatments; this can help maximize patients' outcomes and avoid harming their health. Benefits of seeking complementary or alternative healthcare include improved overall well-being and relief from a variety of medical symptoms, often with less testing and less invasive treatment than conventional medicine.

Learn More During a Consultation

Optimal health is the foundation that helps you live well. To begin exploring the possibilities of functional medicine with treatments tailored just for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mosher today.

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