Laser Acupuncture Can Provide Significant Benefits without Needles

A woman gets laser acupuncture on her legs Similar in principle to conventional acupuncture, laser acupuncture is a treatment technique to simulate the flow of energy in the body using nothing but low-level laser beams. Dr. Bret Mosher offers this advanced method to broaden treatment options for patients seeking relief without the use of needles. Patients who are uncomfortable with needles or who suffer from certain medical conditions can take advantage of laser acupuncture at Mosher Health in Escondido, CA.

Traditional vs. Laser Acupuncture

The basic tenets of laser acupuncture remain the same as those in traditional Chinese acupuncture, despite the change in methodology. By applying pressure to or stimulating certain points around the body (known as acupoints), practitioners can address your body's energy and minimize or even eliminate pain. This treatment is recommended for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from carpal tunnel and arthritis to post-cancer treatment.

However, the use of needles in traditional acupuncture can often make some patients nervous, particularly if they have a needle phobia. There are also a number of potential patients who are at greater risk of developing infections because of conditions that affect their immune system, such as diabetes, chemotherapy treatment, or old age. Breaking the skin with even small needles can leave them vulnerable, making traditional options inappropriate for their needs.

By replacing needles with state-of-the-art lasers, acupuncture becomes accessible to a much larger demographic. Unlike the heated lasers used to make incisions during surgery, these cold alternatives do not need to break the skin to stimulate acupoints. Laser acupuncture is also a less alarming prospect to those who do not wish to undergo any sort of invasive treatment.

Benefits of the Treatment

In addition to the numerous health benefits offered by acupuncture in general, laser acupuncture in particular provides certain advantages over traditional techniques:

  • Faster treatment: In traditional acupuncture, a needle must be inserted and left in place for at least two to fifteen minutes to stimulate an acupoint. As a result, a single session can last as long as two hours. However, lasers can achieve the same effect within seconds. Laser acupuncture sessions thus provide similar results in much less time.
  • Greater comfort: While many patients undergoing traditional acupuncture experience little to no discomfort, laser acupuncture minimizes this even further. Furthermore, because there are no needles involved, patients can be less nervous about the experience, which makes for a much more comfortable session. In many cases, Dr. Mosher can provide a completely painless acupuncture treatment.
  • Faster recovery: Because lasers do not break the skin, patients recover much faster from their sessions. While you may notice mild redness in the skin at the treatment site, it usually fades quickly.

As one of the nation’s premier centers of natural medicine, Mosher Health can provide patients with a safe and effective alternative and supplement to traditional medical treatments.

Candidates for Treatment

Laser acupuncture is not ideal for every patient or every type of pain. In order to avoid breaking the skin, the lasers are limited in terms of intensity and depth. Most lasers used cannot reach further than two-tenths of an inch beneath the surface of the skin. This aspect makes reaching deeper points difficult, especially those located in the abdomen. Laser acupuncture is consequently recommended for treating shallower acupoints in and around the hands, feet, and ears. Dr. Mosher can meet with you to help you choose the right acupuncture approach for your needs.

Discover Your Options

As one of the nation’s premier centers of natural medicine, Mosher Health can provide patients with a safe and effective alternative and supplement to traditional medical treatments. Reach out today to set up an appointment and learn more about your options. 

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