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Traditional Chinese Medicine

More than two-thousand years ago – long before the Renaissance, the Crusades, and the existence of an England, let alone the English language – the Chinese set upon a mission to assimilate all that they knew about nature, man, and the universe into a system for understanding, evaluating, and improving the health of the human body.  Many centuries later, traditional Chinese medicine is as effective and relevant a means of understanding how the body works as it was in ancient times.  Through such modalities as acupuncture, herbal treatments, and cupping, traditional Chinese medicine remains an open pathway to natural healing and optimal health.

Dr. Bret Mosher is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine.  At his office in Poway, serving communities throughout the North County and the rest of San Diego, he integrates traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology, natural therapies, and the most useful facets of western medicine into a comprehensive, functional approach to healing and treatment.  He fuses these and other healing modalities into treatment plans customized to ensure that each patient achieves optimal health based on the unique way that his or her body works.

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What Is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is a vast treasury of knowledge.  It is the product of millennia of practical experience in dealing with sickness.

The living human being is in constant motion.  Simply put, the proper movement of material and energetic substances in the body manifests as health and vitality.  The stagnation or restricted movement of these substances creates disease.  This movement occurs in all tissues and substances in the body through well defined pathways.  Material substances, such as blood, move through physical vessels.  The energetic substance Qi moves through systems called meridians.  The movement of this Qi creates and controls all functional activity in the human body.

It is upon these meridians that acupuncture points lie.  Needles are used to restore and regulate the proper movement of Qi and, therefore, the functions of the body.  The needles themselves are only tools.  It is the correct perception and understanding of Chinese medicine that produces the healing effects of acupuncture needles.  Consequently, it is in the hands of a well-trained doctor of oriental medicine that acupuncture is most effective.  A complete understanding of Chinese theory and years of practice and experience are required to properly administer acupuncture.

Acupuncture is but one aspect of Chinese medicine.  Thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyle choices all contribute to the movement of Qi and the health of each person.  How we interact with ourselves, each other, and the world around us is interpreted through Chinese medical theory.  All of these factors are considered part of any disease pattern.  A causative factor in a disease could be held in emotions, or living in a damp environment could be a source of stress-causing disease.  Diet, occupation, family matters, and lifestyle habits can all contribute to disease in the human body.

As a doctor of Chinese medicine, Dr. Mosher addresses all causative factors in the balancing of a disease pattern.  Acupuncture, herbs, diet, structural alignment, and counseling are among the main tools used to balance the body.  Dr. Mosher uses modern and ancient healing modalities within the understanding of oriental medicine.  Modern tools such as blood tests, hair analysis, cranial-sacral therapy, and spinal alignment are all used and integrated in the practice of natural medicine.  Even brainwave biofeedback is understood from both a western and ancient oriental perspective.  Seeing and treating the whole person in the context of his or her whole life creates a deeper, longer-lasting healing that our patients have come to understand and benefit from.

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Yin and Yang and the Five Phases

Understanding the concepts of Yin and Yang and the Five Phases is essential to understanding Chinese medicine, Qi, and sickness and healing in the human body.  With these concepts serving as a foundation, the ancient Chinese developed a system of images and metaphors from the cycles and rhythms of nature to explain what they observed in the human body.  This system remains the theoretical bedrock of Chinese medicine to this day.

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Chinese Herbs

Herbal therapy is an essential component of the Mosher Health System.  Unlike most medications used in Western medicine, Chinese herbs are highly unlikely to produce undesirable side effects, are entirely non-toxic and free from chemicals, and treat the source of disease rather than simply masking the symptoms.  At Mosher Health, we proudly offer Evergreen herbal supplements, the gold standard in safety, quality, purity, and potency.  Dr. Mosher carefully prescribes Evergreen formulas that are uniquely positioned to treat each patient’s illness and help to maintain his or her health for a lifetime.

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The Six Excesses

In traditional Chinese medicine, diseases are viewed as either internal or external. While internal diseases are connected to the mental state, external diseases are caused by the environment - in particular, the wind, cold, heat, dryness, dampness, and summer heat. Referred to as the Six Excesses, these external causes of disease can trigger a number of different symptoms and conditions: sneezing or headaches from excess wind, dry cough or skin from dry weather, and so on. By honing in on these Excesses, Dr. Mosher can tailor your treatment more specifically to your needs. 

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