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Alternative Therapies Poway, North County, San DiegoAccording to the traditional western medicine model, when you manifest symptoms of an illness, you go to your doctor for treatment. The doctor diagnoses your symptoms and prescribes a treatment plan based on that diagnosis. If the treatment is effective, the symptoms subside, and you are declared "healthy."

The flaw in this treatment model is that it is the symptoms that are being treated rather than the underlying source of the condition. Without addressing this source, you cannot achieve optimal health. You will continue to live through various ailments, chronic pain, and other conditions that disturb your everyday function and cause your body to age prematurely.

At Mosher Health, we offer alternative therapies to traditional western medicine. At our Poway office, serving communities throughout the North County and all of San Diego, we treat a variety of disorders, diseases, and other health issues by carefully identifying and then targeting their sources. By achieving a deep understanding of how your body currently functions, we can customize your treatment to promote your body's ideal function. As a result, you will experience not only relief of your symptoms, but truly optimal health.

How Not to Rot and Age Prematurely

The Mosher Health System constitutes multiple therapies rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, functional and natural medicine, and modern science. These therapies, including acupuncture, are all designed to focus on function rather than disease. Disease in itself is not the sum of your symptoms. Rather, it is a signal that the energetic substance that moves through your body and controls all functional activity - your Qi - is stagnating or has become restricted. You might think of disease as your body's way of letting you know that it is degenerating and prematurely aging - in essence, it is dying.

Treating the disease will not halt this process of degeneration and aging. In fact, by focusing on the disease exclusively, the traditional western medicine approach requires the doctor to basically tell your body to "pipe down" and stop signaling that there is a deeper, more fundamental problem. You can shoot the messenger, but the message will remain.

By focusing on function, Dr. Bret Mosher is able to listen closely to and carefully interpret the body's message. This allows him to find the source of your suffering and address the core problem. As a result, you will not only feel better, but you will age better.

Find Freedom from Your Health Problems

By adjusting your Qi and restoring your body to full function, you can find relief from a variety of diseases, disorders, and other serious and chronic health issues such as:

  • Neurologic Disorders - headaches, migraines, seizures, numbness, post-stroke problems, neuromuscular disorders
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  • Metabolic Disorders - high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight imbalance, thyroid disorder
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders - arthritis, tendonitis, muscle and joint pain, back problems, fibromyalgia, hernia
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders - abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, nausea, food allergies
  • Endocrine Disorders - dysmenorrhea, PMS, infertility, menopausal syndrome, hormone imbalances
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  • Psychiatric and Emotional Disorders - anxiety, depression, nervousness, stress, insomnia, hyperactivity disorder
  • Other Disorders - skin eruptions, insomnia, chronic fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, erectile dysfunction, low libido

This is just a partial list of health problems that can be rectified through the Mosher Health System. All suffering can be traced back to an underlying source. Whatever your issues, we can help you feel and function better and achieve optimal health.

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