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Female receiving an exam from a physicianAnalysis, assessment, and diagnosis are at the heart of the Mosher Health System. In traditional western medicine, diagnosis is generally considered the stage at which a disease or disorder is identified and defined - for example, "You have the 'flu" or "You have a bladder infection." Based on this diagnosis, treatment is prescribed with the ultimate aim of controlling the symptoms of the disease or disorder.

At Mosher Health, we strive for a deeper medical diagnosis. At our Poway practice, serving North County and all of San Diego, we achieve a more intimate understanding of how your body and its constituent parts work so that we can diagnose the underlying cause of your disease or disorder. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to identify your unique biochemical expression and determine how your body is not functioning properly.

While there are universal principles that allow us a broad understanding of human genetics and the body's various systems, no two bodies function identically. There is no single method of treating a given disease because all diseases manifest from causes unique to the individual. Only by gaining a detailed understanding of how an individual's body works can we restore proper function to that body. The result is the elimination of both the symptoms of the disease and the disease itself, along with a corresponding improvement in both health and function.

We invite you to learn about the tools we use for medical diagnosis at our Poway practice, and then contact Mosher Health to schedule your initial consultation today.

The AcuGraph® System

The AcuGraph® is a digital meridian imaging system that allows Dr. Bret Mosher to analyze and document the meridians through which your Qi flows through your body. Qi is the energetic substance that creates and controls all functional activity in your body. The proper, uninterrupted flow of Qi is essential to optimal health. When there is a blockage or other source of interference in your meridians, the imbalance in your energy can result in disease, pain, and other conditions we commonly treat.

The proper flow of Qi can be restored through acupuncture. However, for acupuncture to be as effective as possible, Dr. Mosher must first identify precisely where in the meridians the flow of Qi is being impeded. The AcuGraph system uses probes attached to your hands and feet to create a digital map of your meridians and analyze the movement of energy through each. As a result, Dr. Mosher can target the exact area of blockage and restore the free movement of your Qi.

Bioimpedance Analysis

Bioimpedance analysis is an electronic means of measuring the composition of your body. By assessing the distribution of tissue and fluid in your body, we are able to ensure that these material substances are in proper proportion. Normal distribution of these substances is necessary to optimal function, health, and longevity.

Through bioimpedance analysis, Dr. Mosher is able to measure:

  • Phase angle
  • Body capacitance
  • \
  • Resistance
  • Reactance
  • \
  • Distribution of body cell mass
  • Distribution of extracellular mass
  • Distribution of lean body mass
  • Distribution of fat mass
  • \
  • The ratio of extracellular mass to body cell mass
  • \
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Intracellular water
  • Extracellular water
  • Total body water
  • The ratio of total body water to lean body mass
  • The ratio of total body water to total weight

As part of your evaluation, Dr. Mosher will explain the significance of these measurements, the optimal levels of each, and how these optimal levels can be achieved.

Ultimately, the bioimpedance analysis gives us invaluable insight into the health and integrity of your body's cells.

Cholesterol Test

The cholesterol test is a fasting blood test that measures:

  • Triglycerides - fats carried in the blood, derived from excess calories, alcohols, and sugars
  • LDL (Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol) - the "bad" cholesterol
  • HDL (High-density lipoprotein cholesterol) - the "good cholesterol

Cholesterol testing helps us to gauge your risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis, or the buildup of plaque in your arteries.

Hemoglobin A1c

The hemoglobin A1c blood test assesses insulin resistance to determine glucose concentration in hemoglobin. Through this test, Dr. Mosher can arrive at your average blood sugar level over the past two to three months.

Fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar pose an incredible threat to your health - indeed, they are currently the number-one killer in the United States. The hemoglobin A1c test allows us to determine how well your body is controlling your blood sugar and, if necessary, take active measures to regulate your blood sugar. Regulation of blood sugar can:

  • Prevent and reverse degenerative disease
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Allow you to manage your weight more effectively
  • \
  • Optimize your mental clarity
  • Increase your energy and physical vitality
  • Eliminate mood swings and depression
  • Enhance physical activity and endurance

Food and Chemical Allergy Testing

By understanding which foods and chemicals you are sensitive to and the reasons behind this sensitivity, you can take better control over your health. Depending on the results of your tests, certain items may need to be avoided for life while others may possibly be reintroduced once the cause of your intolerance has been eliminated.

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