One Size Does Not Fit All

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Basket of fresh vegetables sitting on a tableA healthy diet is an essential component of the Mosher Health System. That said, what might constitute an ideal diet for one person might actually be detrimental to your health. When it comes to your nutritional well-being, there is no generic approach - no celebrity diet, no best-selling book written by a doctor, certainly no lose-weight-quick scheme - that will allow you to reach your optimal health.

Dr. Bret Mosher is an expert in advanced clinical nutrition. At his Poway practice, which serves patients from throughout North County and all of San Diego, Dr. Mosher provides customized diet plans that take into consideration a patient's:

  • Unique metabolic type
  • Blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Natural defense systems
  • Individual genetic expression
  • Body composition

How you eat, what you eat, and any food allergies you might have all contribute to the balance of health and disease in your body. Your ideal diet will rectify your nutritional deficiencies, reverse the effects of degeneration and premature aging, reduce your toxic load, and promote good cellular health and longevity.

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Metabolic Typing

Metabolic typing allows Dr. Mosher to identify your unique, genetically based biochemical individuality. This biochemical profile will determine the proper balance of protein, fats, and carbohydrates specifically for your body. Through metabolic typing, it will be easy to identify those foods that promote your optimal health, energy, and level of function. As a result of your increased function and vitality, you will experience a reversal of chronic pain, disease, and ill effects of premature aging.

Eleven Causes of Weight Gain

The Mosher Health System does not look for one single source for a given health problem; rather, the goal is to identify all of the circumstances that could be contributing to the manifestation of a disease, disorder, or condition. In the case of weight problems, the possible sources we will consider and assess include:

  • The wrong diet for your metabolic type
  • Insulin and blood sugar problems
  • Poor digestion and assimilation
  • Chronic infections, particularly in "the gut"
  • Food allergies
  • Lack of exercise
  • Chronic and excessive stress
  • Environmental and chemical toxicity
  • Not following your Passion and Purpose
  • Not following your Plan
  • Poor body image and lack of self-esteem

Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar levels are the surest way to ensure a person's premature death. As part of your diagnostic screening, Dr. Mosher will perform a hemoglobin A1c test to measure your average blood sugar level over the past two to three months. Based on these results and other factors, he will prescribe ways to regulate your blood sugar. Once your blood sugar has been properly regulated, you will:

  • Be able to prevent and reverse degenerative disease
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Be better able to manage your weight
  • Achieve optimal mental clarity
  • Benefit from increased energy and physical vitality
  • Overcome mood swings and depression
  • Enhance your level of physical activity and endurance

Diet by Design

Dr. Mosher's Diet by Design system allows each patient to benefit from a customized plan that optimizes his or her metabolism. Once your body's genetic expression has been determined, Dr. Mosher will create a diet plan and nutritional supplement regimen that is absolutely unique to you. Your customized diet plan will include meal suggestions and easy-to-make recipes, while your nutritional supplement formula will be designed to enhance your metabolism, modify inflammation, heal insulin resistance, and repair your damaged cells.

If you follow your Diet by Design diligently, you will:

  • Lose one to seven pounds per week
  • Experience increased energy and vitality
  • Achieve better mental clarity
  • Experience less pain
  • Be better equipped to adapt to stress
  • Regulate your digestion
  • Feel great

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