Alternative Healing for Insomnia By Bret Mosher on October 15, 2013

Alternative Healing for InsomniaThere are many things that you can do to promote overall wellness. Some of this is diet related, some of this is exercise related, but one of the most important things to consider is getting a good night's rest. This can be harder to do for some people than others, however. Many people turn to pills and other artificial sleep aids, but we feel that functional medicine and natural healing are better for patients in the long run.

Let's take a moment right now to consider how natural remedies can help you and why they are preferable to artificial sleep disorder treatments.

About Insomnia

Insomnia refers to an ability to get to sleep or an inability to stay asleep for as long as a person wishes. Insomnia may be a problem in itself or a symptom of another health issue. Whatever the case, the negative effects of insomnia are generally fatigue, changes in mood, and problems with memory and cognition. If the insomnia persists, it can increase a person's risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, and other serious health problems.

Why Natural Remedies are Ideal for Insomnia

While many people turn to sleeping pills in order to deal with sleep disorders, we feel that natural remedies are always better. These kinds of remedies help patients become more in tune with their own bodies and their own needs, and it helps them understand their own health and wellness in better terms. This is better than simply relying on pills to get to sleep and stay asleep. Patients are, in essence, learning how to take better care of themselves and to heal themselves.

Below are some common natural remedies that may be used, often in combination with each other.

Focus on Relaxation and Meditation

Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and other techniques that promote relaxation are excellent options to consider if you want to fight insomnia. This focus on calm may be just the thing you need to get a good night's rest.

Change Your Diet

You may be surprised, but your diet can affect your ability to sleep at night. Be sure to cut back on caffeine, alcohol, and processed sugars. Foods at dinner that are rich in tryptophan and magnesium (leafy greens, whole grains, cashews) can help promote relaxation before bed.

Options in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is always ideal for natural healing. The careful use of Chinese herbs in the proper situations can mean all the difference between a restless night and a good night's sleep.


One of the best ways to promote calm and improve overall flow of energy is to undergo acupuncture. Many patients find that acupuncture improves much more than their ability to sleep, promoting other kinds of wellness in the process.

Lock a Sleep Schedule and Stick to It

When it comes to sleep, you can't underestimate the importance of a routine. Try to find a regular time of night to sleep and make it part of your schedule. This can greatly enhance your overall wellness as well as your ability to wake up in the morning and stay fully energized throughout the day.

Learn More About Alternative Medicine

If you would like to learn more about your many options for alternative healing and functional medicine, it's important that you contact our Poway natural healing center today. Our entire team here looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you make the best possible decisions about your overall wellness. Promoting good health is always our goal.

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