Alternative Healing for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) By Bret Mosher on November 15, 2013

Alternative Healing for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)We've see the ads on TV. We know that some of our friends may have suffered from it. Maybe even you have experienced issues with it. We're talking, of course, about erectile dysfunction (ED). If you have had issues with erectile dysfunction, you don't need to be ashamed. It's something that many men experience, and there's help out there for them. What's best is that a number of functional medicine and natural remedies may be used in order to address erectile dysfunction.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability for men to achieve or sustain an erection. It can be caused by physiological, psychological, or a mix of physiological and psychological matters. Some common causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Poor blood circulation to the penis
  • Problems with vein function in the penis
  • Improper nerve function of the penis
  • Lack of stimuli or poor stimuli from the brain

Statistics from the National Institutes of health show that approximately 5% of men who are age 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction on a long-term basis, and that the number is roughly 15% to 25% of men who are 65. Occasional issues with erectile dysfunction are more common and can affect men at any age group.

Why choose natural remedies over popular drugs like Viagra and Cialis?

While studies have shown that Viagra and Cialis are effective, it's always better for a person to achieve wellness on their own without the aid of synthesized medicines. There are many basic things that people can do to promote overall well-being that involves natural remedies. In fact, promoting overall wellness is usually the best way to combat issues with erectile dysfunction.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking does a lot of damage to your health, and it can also potentially contribute to erectile dysfunction. This is just another compelling reason to quit.

Improving Your Diet

Sometimes people who suffer from erectile dysfunction are dealing with the effects of poor health. One of the best ways to improve your health is to eat right. We can develop a routine to consider when it comes to your diet that can be quite helpful.

Regular Exercise and Good Fitness

Diet isn't enough on its own. You also need to be fit as well. We can discuss various health goals that will promote good energy and circulation, which can go a long way toward addressing problems with erectile dysfunction.

Herbal Supplements

For years, supplements such as red ginseng (Panax ginseng) and Rhodiola rosea have shown the potential of enhancing male potency and virility. We will help you find a good conservative dose of these and possibly other Chinese herbs that can help restore your health and wellness.


To improve energy flow and potentially remedy erectile dysfunction, many patients have responded positively to acupuncture.

Meditation and Relaxation

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is rooted in stress, worry, and performance anxiety. By practicing meditation and relaxation methods, these worries will be managed properly and will be less likely to affect your performance.

Learn More About Advanced Natural Medicine

If you would like to learn more about treating erectile dysfunction and the many other ways that natural medicine can benefit you, be sure to contact our San Diego alternative healing center today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results.

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