2 Years of Shoulder Pain... Gone in 20 minutes By Bret Mosher on April 14, 2014

2 + Years Shoulder Pain

Gentleman in his mid 50's had chronic shoulder pain. Couldn't lift his 3 year old or reach behind his back without pain. He had been to his medical doctor, physical therapist and orthopedic doctor  for answers. X-rays and orthopedics tests were not conclusive about the cause. Corrective exercises, stretches, medications did not greatly reduce or stabilize his shoulder. 


  2 Needles... 20 Minutes ... Pain Gone

Acupuncture expertly applied will often improve and eliminate pain. How? Acupuncture corrects the movement of "Qi" through the meridians to every part of the body. The result is complete spinal alignment, balanced muscle groups, improved posture. 2 needles were able to take the rotation out of the shoulder girdle because of the improved posture. This gentleman has been pain free for 6 weeks to date.

Acupuncture Moves "Qi" to Reduce Pain

Each case is different. Some pain cases may require a series of treatments. We often see results in the first treatment. Their are many causes for pain. For simple joint and muscle pains, acupuncture works.

Know the Causes of Your Pain

Pain has many causes. Here is a list possible pain triggers:

  • Trauma
  • Accidents
  • Infections
  • Food allergies
  • Immune and Auto-immune problems
  • GMO Food
  • Blood sugar regulation problems
  • Toxic load (i.e. heavy metals)
  • Organ dysfunction (i.e., and inflamed digestive tract)

These and more conditions are properly evaluated at Mosher Health  to asses the causes of your pain.

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