The Diet by Design Weight Loss Program

Dr. Bret Mosher’s Diet by Design is a customized weight loss program offered at his Poway, CA, office that optimizes your metabolism and alleviates issues that are common with excessive weight, such as chronic pain, low energy, and digestive problems. Diet by Design includes meal suggestions and nutritional supplements to help patients look better, feel better, and achieve optimal health. By carefully following this plan, you can lose one to seven pounds per week.

diet by design
Diet by Design tailors a diet specifically to your needs to optimize your metabolism.

An Alternative Approach to Weight Loss

In addition to activity level and diet, there are several factors that relate to weight problems. Among these are stress levels, sleep habits, and overall emotional state. Poor digestion, mood changes, additional health conditions, and a slow metabolism can also make weight loss difficult. In addition, repeatedly gaining and losing weight through failed diet attempts can have an extremely negative effect on the body and make it even harder to lose weight.

As an experienced natural health practitioner and expert in Chinese medicine, Dr. Mosher offers a holistic approach for patients that want to lose weight and keep it off for good. With this functional perspective, he treats the whole person instead of simply focusing on burning calories. His approach treats the body as an integrated system and may use integrated therapies to address underlying issues. This approach to clinical nutrition can help ensure long-term weight loss and promote overall health and mental well-being.

By identifying each patient’s unique biochemical expression and individualizing treatment, Dr. Mosher can help you lose weight, maintain your weight loss, and achieve optimal whole-body health. 

Customizing Your Diet Plan

Treatment begins with a thorough diagnosis and evaluation that Dr. Mosher will use to create a unique diet plan. Considerations may include:

  • Determining the patient’s unique metabolic type to develop the optimal balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for consumption.
  • Evaluating blood sugar and insulin levels with a hemoglobin A1c test to help the patient regulate his or her blood sugar.
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies that may be negatively affecting digestion and metabolism and contributing to low energy and other problems.
  • Evaluating the patient’s natural defense systems against microorganism invaders, including the skin, mucus, and digestive acids and enzymes.
  • Genetic testing to provide information about foods to eat, foods to avoid, and supplements that would be especially useful.
  • Electronically testing body composition with a bioimpedance analysis to determine the ratio of muscle to fat to optimize the amount of protein intake.

Using this information, Dr. Mosher will create a diet and nutritional supplement regimen that optimizes your metabolism. Your customized plan will include meal suggestions and simple, nutritious recipes. In addition, he will prescribe nutritional supplements to enhance your overall health.

Benefits of Diet by Design

Diet by Design is different because it helps patients achieve more than just weight loss. Through a comprehensive approach, the plan allows patients to experience better mental clarity, boosted energy, alleviated back pain, and relief of other problems associated with excess weight. In addition, the plan can help eliminate food cravings and reduce appetite.

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Patients who have tried dieting without success are encouraged to learn more about Diet by Design. By identifying each patient’s unique biochemical expression and individualizing treatment, Dr. Mosher can help you lose weight, maintain your weight loss, and achieve optimal whole-body health. Contact Mosher Health online or call (858) 679-2995 today to schedule a consultation.

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